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Why become a SmartMonkey partner?

SmartMonkey Planner is the easiest, fastest, and most efficient tool on the market. More than 1,000 customers in 30 countries use the tool for their daily operations. They trust our solution for a critical process in their business, and we never fail them.

Solution Provider

For distributors, consultancies, and companies that wish to distribute SmartMonkey and offer additional services such as process consulting, tool implementation, or migration from other solutions.

Technological Partners

Companies that wish to join SmartMonkey’s integration environment with a platform, tool, or technological solution that adds value together.

Affiliated Partner

For influential individuals in the sector, associations, organizations, or any company interested in earning commissions by recommending SmartMonkey Planner for direct purchase.


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Solution Provider

This partnership is intended for solution providers who want to market and sell SmartMonkey Planner along with their professional services such as consulting, customization, and implementation. We have a win-win approach in collaboration, creating new opportunities for partners.

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Technology Partner

This partnership is intended for technology providers who offer complementary software solutions to SmartMonkey Planner or technology solution integrators who, together with SmartMonkey, provide added value to the market. We believe in shared solutions that generate new business for both companies! Do you need a technology partner for the integration of your systems? We know the partner who can best assist you.

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How to become a partner

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help boost your business. We will provide specific training to achieve the best results. Start earning right away!

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We have many solution providers, international integrators, and specialized and certified consultants in SmartMonkey Planner. They are ready to assist you from day one to tailor to your needs