SmartMonkey, the easiest and fastest route planning platform in the market.

Optimizing last-mile routes to the maximum

Plan your routes with the most powerful optimizer in the market and offer your drivers and customers a delightful experience. Automate your processes with SmartMonkey in minutes.

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We solve them a problem:
Managing the last-mile, end to end

If route planning required an big daily efford, manage your delivery guys is a exhausting and your customers always call you to know where they are, SmartMonkey will easily automate all this processes in order to let you focus on other important tasks of your business.

Quaker State plan daily delivery routes in less than 5 minutes:

«Really easy«

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Plan and Optimize routes in the easiest way

  • Optimize your routes in seconds,
  • So flexible that you could change the entire planning at anytime
  • You will have your planning under control in a grade you have never dream it before
  • Reduce up to 30% your carbon footprint
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Keep ground control

Send the routes to your drivers via Whatsapp or email. Capture all required information of your deliveries, be ahead of surprises and save hundreds of hours in support.

SmartMonkey is the solution you are looking for you and your drivers; you will have a precision and real-time vision over your operations while managing every detail of your services in seconds.

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Give the visibility your clients need

A peaceful customer is your peace. With SmartMonkey your customers will is who are going to be continuously checking the delivery status and adapting themselves to get more convenience with a higher service satisfaction.

Reduce failed deliveries by up to 25% thanks to our email platform and the sending of SMS to your customers. You will be able to keep them informed at all times about the estimated delivery time, the remaining stops and the position of the vehicle in real-time.

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Easy, fast and, efficient

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Why SmartMonkey?

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Simple, intuitive and coherent

Planning your routes will be like tighten a screw. You will learn how to use it in less than 5 minutes and you will never want to leave it.

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Excellent Support

You are about to join our family. We will take care of you as if your business was ours and you won't ever feel unattended. Trust is everything for us.

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Service Quality

We know that planninng is crucial in your day-to-day. That is why we have a technical team that works 24 horus a day to offer you a 99.9% reliability

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Continuous improvements

We belive in continuous improvement, that is why our platform is constantly evolving with new features and upgrades that we add every few weeks and that all our clients enjoy.


Your customer and their opinion are very important for us, with SmartMonkey you will see your business grow offering a better service.

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Offer a more convenient service for your clients, plan and deliver in time frames.

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Let your customer know where the delivery is on real time and reduce the number of failed deliveries.

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Generate delivery proof that reduce your managment costs.

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Manage reverse logistics, making sure that your vehicles do not exceed their maximum capacity.

Managing a big team daily is a big challenge, at SmartMonkey we know your main pains and we have solutions for each one.

sm couriers

Do your planning in minutes, dedicate your time to other activities.

sm couriers

Follow your operations in real time, forget about making calls to your drivers.

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Proof of delivery with photo and signature. There won't be any more trouble with lost delivery notes.

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Let your customer know where the delivery is on real time and reduce the number of failed deliveries.

Your products have to be in the racks and distribution points fast and cheap. Managing a 3rd party fleet can be complicated, until today.

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Follow your operations in real time, stop making calls to your drivers.

sm consumomasivo

Deliveries within time frames, stop wasting time queueing or waiting on closed business for arriving too early.

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No-installation app to control your outsourced fleet as if they were your own.

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Proof of delivery in every dispatch. Show the fulfilment of your excellent service.

Maintenance, plumbers, electrician, cleaners, etc. We know you offer great service and have a huge team in the field. Manage their time and services is not easy, that is the reason we want to focus on important things and let us help you with the job planning.

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Efective coordination with your staff and customers.

sm serviciosterreno

Another customer with an emergency? It is not a problem, with our plataform you can make changes on the go.

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Reduce working hours.

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Proof of visit and service done.

Manage your team to make your customers arrive at work on time and came back to them with their families is a very important job. At SmartMonkey, we understand that moving people every day is a challenge, and we are here to give you solutions:

sm transportepersonal

We can make your complex planning easy.

sm transportepersonal

We can help your make sure people arrive on time to their work place.

sm transportepersonal

Changes in routes and stops affect the optimization of your service. We help you plan ahead.

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Easy communication with each employee so it makes it easy to coordinate Picks ups & Drops off.

Start optimizing routes easily
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