The easiest
platform to
manage your

Start planning for free

The easiest
platform to
manage your

Start planning for free

We solve a problem:
Managing the last-mile, end to end

If planning routes requires a daily effort and you need more time to do other tasks, SmartMonkey will do the planning for you (among other things). In less time that you could imagine.


Plan and Optimize routes in the easiest way

  • Optimize your routes in seconds,
  • So flexible that you could change the entire planning at anytime
  • You will have your planning under control in a grade you have never dream it before
  • Reduce up to 30% your carbon footprint
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Keep ground control

Manage routes, capture all required information of your deliveries, be ahead of surprises and save hundreds of hours in support.

SmartMonkey is the solution you are looking for you and your drivers; you will have a precision and real-time vision over your operations while managing every detail of your services in seconds.

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Give your customers the visibility they need

The peace of mind of your clients is your peace of mind. With SmartMonkey, your customers will check the status of their delivery and adapt to achieve greater convenience and satisfaction with the service.

Reduce second visits by up to 25% by automatically informing your customers of the estimated delivery time, the remaining stops and the position of the vehicle in real-time.

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They chose easy, fast and, efficient

Start planning for free
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Why SmartMonkey?

Simple, intuitive and consistent

Planning routes will be how to tighten screws. You will learn how it works in less than 5 minutes and you will not want to stop using it.

Excellent Support

You are about to join our family. We will take care of you as if your business were ours and you will never feel neglected. Trust is everything for us and with our clients.

Quality of service

We know the planning is critical for your daily operations. For this reason, we have a technical team 24h working for you to give you a reliability level of 99,9%

Constant improvements

We believe in continuous improvement, that is why our platform is constantly evolving with new functionalities and improvements that we add every few weeks and are enjoyed by all our clients.


Your customers and their opinion are the most important. With SmartMonkey you will see how your business grows by offering a better service.

Offer a more convenient service for your customers, plan, and delivery considering time-windows

Report your customers where your driver is in real-time and reduce the number of failed deliveries.

Generate proofs of deliveries, reduce your managing costs.

Manage your reverse logistics, make sure your vehicles do not overcharge their capacity

Managing a great team and managing the day-to-day involves many challenges. At SmartMonkey we know what your main pain is and we have solutions to each of them.

Plan in minutes, dedicate your efforts to something else

Manage in real-time your operations, forget doing a call to your drivers.

Proof of Delivery with picture and signature no more lost delivery notes.

Notify your customers in real-time and reduce the number of failed deliveries.

Your products have to be in the racks and distribution points fast and cheap. Managing a 3rd party fleet can be complicated, until today.

Manage in real-time your operations, forget doing a call to your drivers.

Time-window delivery, stop wasting time on closed or not present customers.

An App that does not require installation to manage 3rd party fleets like they were employees

Proof of delivery for each delivery, demonstrate your excellent service

Maintenance, plumbers, electrician, cleaners, etc. We know you offer great service and have a huge team in the field. Manage their time and services is not easy, that is the reason we want to focus on important things and let us help you with the job planning.

Effective coordination of your employees and customers

Another emergency customer? Not a problem, with our platform you can do changes at any moment

Time jobs longer than expected

Proof of work, delivered.

Manage your team to make your customers arrive at work on time and came back to them with their families is a very important job. At SmartMonkey, we understand that moving people every day is a challenge, and we are here to give you solutions:

Complex planning based on distances and destination addresses

People delay generate arriving late to scheduled places.

Route plan changing and destinations affect the performance of your service

Communication with each employee is a challenge, difficulting pick-up & drop off coordination

Our business is trust

And our customers feel secure with us