How Quaker State saves time and costs optimizing their distribution

At the beginning of 2020 and with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Quaker State was subjected to a complicated situation in which they did not have enough personnel to plan and carry out the delivery routes of their products. At that moment they realized that it was essential to standardize the delivery procedure of their products: a single process available to everyone that would allow the process to be homogenized so as not to depend on one or more people.

Faced with this difficult situation, they looked for a solution with SmartMonkey. Thanks to the Planner intelligent route planner, they were able to unify processes into one, in addition to generating a single procedure that was available to anyone regardless of their educational level.

“SmartMonkey is fundamental to us”


  • The planning of delivery routes was done manually
  • Excessive consumption of transport logistics resources
  • The time investment of route planning required hours.
  • Operational risk due to the dependency of the warehouse manager to carry out the planning processes
  • Lack of reports did not allow to carry out an adequate monitoring of the operation
  • Lack of data validation and reconciliation


  • Route planning is done automatically
  • Reduction of the necessary transport resources: they stopped occupying up to 8 units of the fleet
  • Time investment of route planning only takes less than 10 minutes
  • Eliminate scheduler risk
  • Reports of metrics and generation of KPIs for the control and monitoring of operations
  • Data validation and reconciliation

Business results:

  • Optimization and efficient management of existing resources
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Improvement of the data and results obtaining process
  • Standardization of the delivery process
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Optimize your route planning proces in one step only. Unify the procedure and make your operations more effective. So flexible you can change your whole planning at any time. You will have all your planning under control with a high degree of detail, like you never experienced before. Also, reduce up to 30% your business carbon footprint.

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Include all the restrictions you need for the optimal functioning of the operation. With Planner you can take into account the number of maximum stops to be made per route, the autonomy of your electric vehicle, the maximum volume to be reached or even the time windows in which to do the visit. Easy to define, modify or change in 1 click.

Notify your customers when you will arrive

Avoid fail deliveries and notify your customers when their stop is near. You can also give the client a real time follow up of the route.

Notify your customers in advance

Measure customers satisfaction (without filters)

Receive reviews and comments of the visit from your patients. Directly, without filters. You will also be able to know the opinion of the teams and thus reduce staff turnover. Get daily reports of the most important KPIs of your business.

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