Track your deliveries

With SmartMonkey you will have complete monitoring of the performance of all your stops through proof of deliveries. Capture all the information you need for each delivery or stops through photographs, signature or numeric fields, among others. In addition, you can export all the information using an Excel file to facilitate the billing process.

Digitize your delivery notes and

  • Avoid human mistakes
  • Get a more efficient delivery process
  • Consolidate the status of orders in real-time
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Capture the necessary information for your deliveries

Through the proof of deliveries you can capture photos and the signature of all completed stops as well as add additional comments.

Customize the information in your reports

Create different custom fields such as numeric or text fields to manage completed or canceled stops according to the needs of your operation.

Speed up delivery using barcode reading

With SmartMonkey Planner you have the possibility to register the barcodes that you need in your operation. With this, the driver will be able to mark the tasks as completed and identify the packages simply by scanning them.

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