Analyze in detail all the activity of your company

Plan your daily routes automatically, efficiently and adapted to your business

Thanks to Planner you will be able to carry out the planning of your services in a matter of seconds, as well as knowing the operations in detail at all times. Our optimizer has all those features so that you can carry out an operation 100% adjusted to your needs: business restrictions, route editing or pickups & deliveries system, among others.

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Take control of your plannings and check the results of your deliveries

Control the result of your completed plans and analyze in detail the characteristics of all the stops: delivery time, proof of delivery, reasons for cancellation and many more.

Personalize your preferences and analyze the results of your drivers

Adapt your operations according to your business needs in each plan: change the order of stops, modify the assignment of services from one driver to another, assignment by delivery zones and much more.

Measure your customers’ satisfaction and improve your KPIs

Communicate with your customers directly and obtain reviews of their completed deliveries. Analyze the results and generate opportunities for growth.

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