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Managing your fleet

Yes. In order to send the completed tasks by the driver and see the progress we need to send mobile data from the driver’s devices. The costs are not included in the subscription of Highway.

Highway just gets the location and timestamp. Highway is not collecting any type of private data.


Highway is the easiest route & fleet optimization platform on the market. It helps hundreds of businesses across numerous countries around the world save time and money in their delivery business.

Highway automates the planning while giving you the full control of the process. It allows you to focus on supervising and growing your business instead of doing manual labor.

Sign up for a free demo here, let’s chat and say goodbye to painful planning together!

Yes. Highway is a software is a web-based and it works everywhere in the world.

Currently, Highway supports English and Spanish (Español).

We offer our support internationally.


Highway subscription cost is calculated per vehicle. You will need to add as many vehicles in your subscription as you plan to use for optimizing routes. If your fleet size changes you can change the number of vehicles in your subscription at any time.

Check our Pricing for more details.

Highway does not have a limit of vehicles nor stops. It will just take longer in the optimization process.

We’ve tested in environments with 50 vehicles and 1.500 stops with good performance.

Yes. Highway is able to calculate estimated times considering traffic information. It’s not included in the default configuration but it can be integrated.

For more details just contact us on get a demo and start planning the smart way.

Customer satisfaction doesn’t let us sleep at night.

Anytime you need help we are there to help you. Use one of our support channels:

Chat support

On the footer of this page you’ll find this button. Click it to start chatting with our support team.

Email support

Send us an email to with your question and we’ll handle as soon as possible.

Highway is the right fit not just for big companies but also for smaller delivery companies. Starting with a fleet of 3 or 4 vehicles it is a good idea to optimize your routes.

For bigger companies, we are offering our API and webhooks.

We are happy to demonstrate our product to you.

You would only need to contact us to book the time for a demonstration as well tell us a few things about your operations in order to help us provide the best service package tailored for YOU. We will give you access to a 14-day trial version of Highway for free.

The best way to get a Demo is by filling the form at

When the trial starts you’ll get 14 days of unlimited access to all the features. The only limitation is a maximum of 5 vehicles in operation.

If you have more vehicles please contact our sales team at

Yes, you can. Highway allows integration with an existing ERP to pull up your transactional data automatically.

Using Highway

Highway works both with addresses and coordinates.

The order starts from latitude and goes to longitude. See our template FAQ for more information.

You can narrow down the duration of a time window to five minutes in order to force the visit at a specific time.

It should look like this: 8:00-8:05

You can use our Excel template (XLSX format) available on Highway’s homepage: Please contact us to register.

In the provided Excel template you can input all of the information needed for planning.

We follow these conventions:

  • Service address: You can enter it using coordinates like: “latitude, longitude“. Or you can enter the client’s address: recommended order “street name, number, ZIP code, town or city, country
  • Time window: You can enter more than one time window in this way “8:00-9:00; 11:00-12:00
  • Duration: How long will the vehicle be stopped in minutes.
  • Vehicle’s start address (optional): Enter the address in the same format as the Service address.
  • Vehicle’s end address (optional): Enter the address in the same format as the Service address.
  • Working time: This is the time of drivers availability, for example: “10:00-14:00”

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