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A recent article in the leading magazine Frontiers has shown how the use of SmartMonkey – Planner enables home care teams to save daily planning time, Km and emissions with a simple 30 minute training. The bottom line is that teams can focus on solving bigger problems than route planning.

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Optimize the routing process in one single step

The results of the study demonstrate the reduction in time and distance traveled with just 30 minutes of training. Even with inexperienced staff.

14 minutes saved on average for difficult plans.

Plan in an easy and simple way

Divide your routes by your usual areas

Organize your daily planning taking into account the areas where the teams can go. You can create zones for different zip codes, neighborhoods, regions, or any division that is relevant to your business.

Plan your routes with personalized zones

Identify issues instantly

Avoid costly errors by identifying if a patient has a specific restriction that is not met. For example, you schedule a specialist visit to the nursing team.

Monitor your operations in real time

Include all the restrictions of your business

Include all the restrictions you need for the optimal functioning of the operation. With Planner you can take into account the number of maximum stops to be made per route, the autonomy of your electric vehicle, the maximum volume to be reached or even the time windows in which to do the visit. Easy to define, modify or change in 1 click.

Adjust your routes according to your day-to-day needs

The study simulated real operations in such a way that the experience of the people allowed changes to be made that represented the reality of everyday life, easily and quickly.

Notify patients when you’ll arrive, then easily notify treatment

Avoid issues during visits by notifying when the team will arrive. Automatically notify the visit with the treatment that the patient must follow.

Notify your patients in advance

Measure the satisfaction of your customers (without filters)

Receive reviews and comments of the visit from your patients. Directly, without filters. You will also be able to know the opinion of the teams and thus reduce staff turnover.

Analyze your data quickly

Hospitals, Ministries and home care centers from around the world trust SmartMonkey

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