Quick & Easy integration. We will be another link of your chain working as one

Improve the efficiency of your team, reduce errors and have your customers happier connecting SmartMonkey Planner with your current tools. Easy and quick to integrate, like Planner.

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Import data quickly

Upload Excel files is the quickest way to integrate systems. Our systems accepts by default Excel files in just 2 clicks.

If you’re a Google company and use Google Sheets, we have the right solution in order to upload directly from your Sheets to SmartMonkey Planner.

Prueba la integración de Google Sheets
google sheets integration smartmonkey
smartmonkey connector

Automate your business processes

With our webhooks, you will be able to receive in real time any update on your operations.

With our instant notification you can invoice your customer in matter of seconds reducing the payment time.

The failed delivery attempt notification you can alert your team proactively in order to reschedule the visit for another day.

This are just a few use cases that our customers had implemented in order to improve the productivity thanks to the integration.

¿What processes can automate that add value to your business and service?

Integrate with our API / Webservice

Integrate with any system, easily

Our integration platform had more than 350 ready-to-go integrations with ERPs, Ecommerce platfgorms and CRMs, like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify or WooCommerce among others.

Our network of certificate partners allow our customers to integrate their systems in matter of days with their pre-build integrations. For more complex environments we offer a tailored solution faster than any other company.

Do you know that we can integrate your systems in less than 24 hours?

smartmonkey integrated with SAP

Need a custom made integration?

We know where to call

Our public API/Webservice allow any company to automate all interactions with the platform. If your processes or systems are complex and need a partner, we have a certified partners worldwide that will help with your project in matter of days. Their experience ensure everything will work smoothly from the beginning.

Developers API

Quaker State

“The integration with SAP allow us to automate business processes like Carta de Porte, calculating for each vehicle the KM and Miles travelled that Mexican Government request in a completely automated way.

Other process that saves hundreds of hours is the precese variable retribution of salesman. Before was hours of Excels and discussions. Now it’s a simple click.

Quaker State SmartMonkey integración SAP
integración smartmonkey ibm as400

Lácteas del Jarama

“The integration with IBM/AS400 allowed us to work transparently from a very robust and old system into the extremely easy of use and powerful route optimizer like SmartMonkey Planner. The integration allowed us to save hundreds of hours yearly and reduce the number of errors during the daily operations”

Integrate in your supplychain will allow to be more efficient, faster and provide a better service