Plan and optimize your deliveries

Plan your routes automatically, efficiently and completely adapted to your business.

Thanks to Planner you will be able to plan your services in a matter of seconds as well as know the operation in detail at all times.

Our optimizer has all those characteristics so that you can make an operation 100% adapted to your needs: business constraints, plan edition or the pickups & deliveries system, among others.

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Optimize the delivery process in a single step

Get the most optimal and efficient result of your daily planning in just one click.

Adjust your plans based on day-to-day needs

Adapt operations according to your needs both at the time of planning and during the course of it. You can change the order of stops or even change the assignment of stops from one driver to another.

Incorporate all the constraints of your business

Include all the constraints that you need for the optimal operation of your plan. With Planner you can take into account the number of maximum stops to be made per route, the maximum weight, the maximum volume to reach or even the time windows in which to perform the stops.

Divide the deliveries by your usual areas

Organize your daily planning taking into account the areas to which tyour worker can go. You can create zones for the different zip codes, neighborhoods, regions or any division that is of interest to your business.

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