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Coronavirus, helping who most need it

I want to share a personal experience that matters. is based in Barcelona, the second region with more infections of Coronavirus in Spain. The 2nd worst country in the world who is dealing with this virus.

Hospitals in our area are near to be overwhelmed with the demands for ICU patients. From friends who work in hospitals, the capacity of ICU beds in the Catalonia region is about 800 beds, which currently 600 are already occupied. But, we are still very far away from the peak. Studies suggest it will be at the end of April. Still, 4 long weeks with the exponential growth of infections and expected deaths. The tragedy is the smallest word we could find to define this situation.


But not everything is dark and death. A few days ago, a guy from Canada was starting to use Highway, our Route optimizer. The usage was normal in new customers, trying the examples, doing their first baby-steps of a very powerful tool, but at the same time easy to get running.

We always like to talk with our new users. It’s not just very helpful knowing more about them, but being able to provide the best customer support we can, it’s priceless. Sometimes you find incredible projects behind accounts like father-in-law of Ahmed Sagarwala in Canada.


He’s helping not just poor people, but people who have decided to isolate themselves to prevent spreading the virus. Delivering medication to these people it’s not just caring about them, it is doing as much as they can for the society. We’re so proud that yesterday 16 people were helped thanks to Ahmed’s father-in-law and Highway. He told us that next week it will increase to 50 or more. We will be here helping them.

If you read this and know someone we could help. Please, spread the word. We know how difficult it could be, please #stayAtHome and support Ahmed and others worldwide.

Xavi Ruiz, CEO of SmartMonkey