The learning AI that makes

Logistics Smarter

Place identification and management software

Can your company confidently put a pin on a map for every place it visits?

Every place your company visits is important, regardless of size or location. It’s also important that your company knows exactly WHERE that place is. Yet, most companies are overly reliant on the local knowledge of their field team. Only they know the places they visit. This prevents companies from driving efficiency as well as fully utilizing that knowledge. SmartMonkey is out to change that. Our software digitalizes that knowledge and empower your business to do more.

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Machine Learning & AI

Software that learns your business

SmartMonkey’s software learns and grows with your business allowing it to deliver results today and for the future. Our learning AI can resolve difficult gaps in data, uncover valuable insights about your customers as well as reduce the human time required on non-value added tasks.

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Underlying magic

SmartMonkey combines a number of different cutting edge technologies to offer a unique, customizable solution that learns from a company's historic data.


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