Plan & Optimize Routes


Reduce planning time

Increase the number of deliveries

Simple integration with your ERP or Excel sheet

Make the Most of It


Adjust routes at any time from any device

Swap tasks between drivers

Re-optimize your routes without loosing progress

Share the Experience


Easy dispatching to drivers for two-sided progress tracking

Instant redispatching for drivers after route update

Webhooks for interoperability

Data enrichment


Forget manual master data input

AI master data enrichment

Get updated time windows automatically

  • Highway helped us improve our operations by learning from our drivers. With artificial intelligence-based software, we optimize our logistics and make more money off the same operating time 
    Ignacio Lanne-Lenne, Heineken Mentor of Innovation
  • Thanks to Highway we reduced the daily planning time from 1.5 hours to 10 minutes! And we're even able to calculate our scooter loading capacity which is a long-awaited feature for us.
    Santiago Agulla
  • Highway allowed us reduce over 21% logistics costs, improve delivery time up to 96% while making our customer happier with our daily service. "Now, I can sleep at night" - Victor Agilar.
    Canasta Rosa
  • nos ha ayudado desde nuestros inicios a optimizar tiempos y recursos. Además encontramos que es una plataforma sumamente sencilla e intuitiva de utilizar, lo que nos permitió sin mayor estudio ni tiempo invertido en tutoriales, poder tener un manejo de usuario facil, rapido y efectivo. Por otro lado, nos hemos percatado en las constantes actualizaciones que realizan, llevamos sólo 3 meses con la plataforma y en 3 o 4 oportunidades de actualizaciones de diseño que han favorecido nuestra experiencia de usuario. Estamos muy contentos, hacen un gran trabajo. Lo mejor de todo, precio/calidad.
    Felipe Casanova

Highway will guide you through

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Using a bunch of tools that don’t fit your needs and make your life more complicated

Sudden changes in client demand makes your planning hectic and "best possible"

Your clients have to wait longer because your planning is not efficient enough

Route planning is an endless burden that steals too much attention from other important tasks

You can never tell if your planning was optimal and if you could've improved

Clients expect you to know where the driver is at a certain time


Plan your routes stress-free and become up to 30% more efficient

Scale your deliveries without hustle

Optimize routes with such restrictions as time windows, capacitites, geolocation

Finish planning faster and use the rest of the time to solve your daily challenges

Save money 🤑💰 and fuel

Improve your communication with clients and makes them feel safe

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